Voltd Voltage

As its oh-so clever name suggests, Voltage is a monster that is based around a large, electrocyte-lined organ that can turn its body energy into an electrical charge (the cylindrical "backpack" seen in the above). This gives it a wide range of electricity-based attacks that vary in terms of strength. It uses its four tentacles to direct its attacks, which fold up into two distinct "arms" when not in use.


  • Tentacle Smash: Voltage uncoils its tentacles and bashes the enemy with them. A basic melee attack.
  • Electro Stunner: Fires a low-charge stream of electricity that overloads a mech's electrical-impulse based controls, in effect paralyzing it.
  • Ball Lightning: Voltage's longest ranged attack. Concentrates a large amount of electricity into its "hands" and hurls it at the enemy.
  • 50,000 Volts: Voltage's Ultimate Attack. Unleashes a massive storm of raw energy in all directions that leaves whatever it hits crispy and burnt.

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