Galactic HistoryEdit

In the BeginningEdit

Billions of years ago, the first Void-Rulers mastered the science of space flight. They found themselves alone in a bright and brilliant universe of fiery young stars and brilliant nebulae.

The Lion EmpireEdit

There have been three Lion Empires to date. The first collapsed amidst infighting and civil war after the death of Hyrius the Indomitable, after 100 years of existance. The collapse of this Golden Age held back Lion development for centuries. The second to rise was much longer-lived, and waged war against the Chanony Free Alliance three million years ago in a galaxy-spanning war that resulted in Chanony's victory and the total regression of the Lion Empire to a pre-Stone Age civilization. The third Lion Empire is significantly different from the previous two, where conquered alien races are not taken as slaves but as vassals or equals.

The Third Empire Of LionsEdit

It is this Third Empire Of Lions that currently threatens human existance.

The Human RaceEdit

The Federation of Allied PlanetsEdit

The first man-made object to orbit the Earth was launched in 1957. Sputnik 1 touched off the first space race. In 1969, mankind landed on the moon and took its first steps on an alien world. By 2088, the first lunar settlements were being built and the exploration of Mars was underway.

In 21XX, following the discovery of Trans-Dimensional Pressure Effects, humanity left it's star system for the first time.

The founding of the United Planets of Sol was recorded as 1 Future Calendar, the dawn of a new golden age. For thirty years, mankind expanded into the stars, building new homes on strange, alien worlds. In this time, before the development of faster-than-light communication, solar systems governed themselves and maintained a harsh freedom and independence from other systems. If one colony ran into trouble, such as pirate raiders or a famine, it was unable to call for help. Interstellar starships were expensive to build, and the costs of developing spatial weaponry was too high for a fledgling colony,

With the development of the Minerva FTL communication system in 30 FC,

Lion-Federation WarEdit

On June 3rd, 215 FC, the 219th Long-Range Exploration Fleet made first contact with the Lion Empire. In the space of twenty hours, the outdated warships of the Exploration Fleet were destroyed or disabled, and the fleet's civilian vessels surrendered.