Code name: Torirobiter

Unit name: FC-R

Developed and Created by: Ragnas race

Pilot: Ilena of (The Silvered Star)

Classification: Super Robot


  • It's a mobile factory.


  • 1x Planet Consumer Tractor Laser
  • 2x Asteroid Crusher Mandibles
  • Over 9000x Missile launchers
  • Over 9000x Homing Lasers

Originally classified [TRANSL:Factory-R], Torirobiter is a moon-sized mecha that looks like a massive insect, complete with massive mandibles and glowing red eyes. Massive legs crawl through the vacuum, dragging the massive bulk of the mech across the galaxy. When the mech comes across an asteroid belt or barren planet, it immediately sets to work. It begins to consume the planet or asteroids by releasing thousands of smaller, similarly-shaped drones launch from the mass of Torirobiter to consume outlying regions while the factory focuses on the largest mass of material. Most of this material is sent to the Lion Empire's factories or made into equipment within Torirobiter itself, but a portion is kept by Torirobiter's pilot, Ilena, to construct new drones or enhance and enlarge existing ones. There are two drones of Torirobiter that are as large as the original, controlled remotely by Ilena and possessing the same capabilities as their parent.

Torirobiter was not originally a combat mecha. The Ragnas are a humanoid race, but they developed from insectoid origins. The FC series was originally a sort of temple-factory ship that would roam the galaxy, providing the materials needed to support the massive hive fleets of the Ragnas. This was before they met the Lion Empire. The two empires fought a protracted war with one another, before the Lion's managed to take the Ragnas queens hostage and force an end to the war. The Ragans managed to negotiate an agreement, where they would join the Lion Empire as a moderately independent nomad state while still answering to the authority of Lord Kijani. Part of this agreement was to provide resources to the Lion Empire, because the FC's were, and still are, unique creations of the Ragnas, only capable of being controlled by Ragnas royalty.

Pilot BioEdit

Ilena of The Silvered Star

Species: Ragnas

Age: 69

Gender: Female

Heir to one of the Ragnas' most powerful royal lines, located in the star system [TRANSL:Silvered Star]. Her role is not really that of a pilot; most of the functions of the FC are handled by drone Ragni. Rather, it would be better to consider her the captain of a ship.

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