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Age - 88

Gender - Male

Species - Human/Humanoid Alien Hybrid (I don't know exactly what we're calling the races. Change as desired.)

Planet of Origin - (?)

Relation(s) - Nemesis of Kobayashi Ohta, eventual enemy of Noland Abrams, eventual enemy of Ada Zul/Zuru, superior of D, ally of Sven Vladi, right hand man of Kijani (though he secretly loves him with a passion)

Status - Second-in-Command to Lord Kijani

Affiliation - Lion Empire

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(Note: None of this is official canon, but is instead a first draft and "fleshing out" conducted after a long night on /m/. Feel free to add!)

Keywords: GAR Coldblood.

A major antagonist. He’s a magnificent bastard and skilled chessmaster archetype that manipulates the other characters extensively. Furthermore, he very often voices cynical banter pulled straight from the Real Robot genre, making him a stark, complete contrast to his enemies.