I began this scanlation group back in 2008, when it became evident that no one was planning to scanlate the latest Neon Genesis Evangelion chapter at the time. Several translations had been made, but no one had done an actual scanlation, and months passed before I decided to try it out. My first attempt was terrible, but I persevered and released several Evangelion chapters. When the real world found the time to distract me, others stepped in, and it seemed like Evangelion's future was assured. But I couldn't shake off the sensation of boredom that filled me, and I scanlated the last few chapters of Neon Genesis Evangelion to date.

For the last year, I've been waiting for a new chapter and none has been forthcoming,. So Project E.N.I.S Scanlations is starting anew. Evangelion is still the primary project, but I'd say it's on hiatus right now. Instead, I'll be picking up Chorme Shelled Regios: Missing Mail, since that series has been abandoned and I don't think anyone else is interested in translating volumes 3-6.



Neon Genesis Evangelion

Chrome Shelled Regios: Missing Mail