Country Statistics


Polaris, Einheri

Population (Estimate):


Largest City:

Polaris, Einheri


Hereditary Monarchy

Official Language(s):

English, Russian, German



Description Edit

Widely regarded as the most militant member of the Core Four, the North Star Alliance is a confederation of thirty-four small stellar nations united under the rule of the Efken family. Most of its territory has historically consisted of harsh, resource-rich worlds which have fueled an expansionist policy for worlds that are more life-friendly.

The Alliance considers the Gilesian Republic to be its great historical rival, and has fought many wars with it in the past. This has brought it into alliances with the United Planets of Sol and the Centauran Confederacy in the past. At the same time, its authoritarian government and militancy have kept relations between it and the C4 frosty.

History Edit

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