Profile Edit

Age - 29

Gender - Male

Species - Honneamise

Planet of Origin - Lhadatt

Relation(s) - Rival of Kobayashi Ohta

Status - Pilot of A-NL

Affiliation - Lion Empire at first, later becoming a renegade


The Story So Far Edit

A skilled mercenary soldier who is loyal to the Lion Empire in principle, if not always in fact. Noland first fights Dr. Nomos in his newly constructed ENIS, using a Gr3y-F0X with the TUL-BAWCS attached, and wins, but is defeated by Ohta. This awakens in him an inner fire, and a resolve to defeat ENIS at all costs.

When Noland walks into the hangar containing the unfinished A-NL, however, he discovered that the previousely non-functioning OS was awakened by his newly-discovered inner HOTBLOOD. He suddenly got an idea in his head. If he could steal the A-NL away and use the Tul-Bawks to finish it, he could use it to defeat the ENIS and prove himself the better warrior. This is exactly what he did. He took A-NL, and TUL-BAWCS, and escaped to plan for his inevitable meeting with the ENIS.

Over the series, the two mechs will Clash. Ohta and Noland will find that they are really two of a kind. The final battle will come at the end of the series, after the Lion empire is defeated, where ENIS is the ultimate victor, and Manly Gar tears are shed as A-NL is defeated, but is proven worthy.

An appropiate running gag with Noland is that the care and attention he gives to Norma leads people to think he's some sort of pedo, while he's really just got the 'gushing father' thing with his AI 'daughter'.

Story behind HonneamiseEdit

Honneamise means "Person of Honnea," a reference to their original home planet of Honnea. Driven from the planet by an ecological disaster brought on by the fall of their moon, they roamed the galaxy for decades before the Lion Empire took them in and gave them a new planet, Lhadatt. They gratefully serve the Lion Empire when they are called upon, and are some of the Empire's best warriors.