Code name: Im.C.M.L

Unit name: Im.C.M.L

Developed and Created by: The Grays

Pilot: Gray-2268

Classification: Super Robot


  • Hyper-Light Drive:


  • 1x Mega Laser:
  • 2x Heavy Pulsed Energy Weapons:
  • 2x Secondary Pulsed Energy Weapons:
  • 1x Pincer Arm/Plasma Torch:

Low-level Super Robot type. Probably one of the earlier MotW that Ohta has to fight while he's still familiarizing himself with ENIS' capabilities. Confirmed: The First Enemy. Will need a better name though.

A robot built by one faction of the Lion Empire, the infamous big-headed Grays. Low technology level, but very fast. Supported by an invasion fleet of flying saucers in the first volume, invading Evaikari.