Country Statistics


Frontier City, Earth

Population (employee):


Population (resident):


Largest City:

Atlamacan Habitancy, Fielding, Opterra


None/Corporate Democracy

Official Language(s):

English, Subtorm



Description Edit

An interstellar corporate state, the Frontier Development Corporation is one of the major commercial powers in Federation space. Though miniscule in population compared to the C-4, the FDC possesses a large merchant marine fleet and controls up to 13% of the economic output of the Federation. In this way, the FDC commands political power far greater than its size suggests.

History Edit

Originally a deep-sea mining firm, Frontier Development Corporation branched out into hi-tech manufacturing, mercenary operations and pharmaceutical research within forty years of its founding. Within eighty years, it had built the first space elevator, opening up cheap and easy access to outer space. In doing so, it inextricably linked itself to the future of the human race.

By 2188, the Frontier Development Corporation had begun development of the Jupiter system and sent the first manned mission to Saturn.

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