The Federation of Allied Planets Defense Force, or Federation Spacy, is a large military force that performs both ground, aerospace and naval operations within Federation borders. Resources and manpower are contributed by the Federation's member states, as well as from systems under direct federal rule. Several small states rely entirely on the Federation to provide ships and defense, but most members have independent armed forces.=

The Federation Spacy is divided into sixteen Fleets. One fleet, the First Fleet, protects the heart of the Federation/Human space. The remaining fifteen fleets are assigned to zones that spread out from center of the Federation, generally along lines that conform to the stellar borders of Federation member states. A common image evoked by this deployment is a shining sun, its fifteen rays spreading out to the edges of Federation space. This icon is represented in the Federation Spacy's insignia.


The Spacy's ground forces are divided into conventional ground forces and its large mecha contingent.

Air ForceEdit

The Spacy commands several dozen models of flight craft, all capable of aerospace operation. In addition, it incorporates a space-mecha wing.


The Federation Spacy is divided into Naval and Marine divisions.


The Federation Navy is comprised mostly of ships and sailors seconded from member nations.

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