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The Federation of Allied Planets (FAP) is the standard big happy federation of humans who are opposed by the Lion Empire.

The Federation of Allied Planets is an alliance of planets and governments that formed during humanity's expansion through the galaxy to promote peace, trade, and exploration. They mostly run Real Robots and non-mecha, and are sorely unprepared for the Super Robot blitz that will kick their asses across the galaxy. Comprised entirely of humans, because they have had little contact with the alien races. The only encounters have been through UFO-Type encounters, and occasional skirmishes at the edges of human space with scoutships of the Horrian Alliance and R'kknagu-k Imperium, which are classified at the highest levels.

The Federation uses the Federal Calender, which bases its year 1 on the year the United Planets of Sol was founded. The story begins in 221 FC, 4 years after the Lion Empire first discovered the human race and Kobayashi Ohta met Professor Nomos.

The United Planets of Sol, Gilesian Republic, Centauran Confederacy and North Star are the largest and most powerful nations in the Federation. Their political intrigues and history should play a significant part in any story set in the Federation during the Lion War. In particular, the Gilesian Republic should/will betray the Federation for the Lion Empire and the power it offers. More on this within the member-state profiles.

Major Member StatesEdit

Minor Member StatesEdit

  • Gannamia
  • Charon Independency
  • 140 independent star systems
  • 907,456 independent orbital bodies
  • 65,880 independent space stations
  • 322 long-range colonization fleets

Other Major OrganizationsEdit