Ohta flies up into space and gets embroiled in a space battle between the Lion Empire's invasion fleet, Evaikari's defense fleet and FAP's security force. The battle goes badly for the humans, and Ohta turns to defend fleeing civilian ships. He saves White Knight as they flee into the outer solar system and hitches a ride with them. Thus the principal cast of Project ENIS enters the scene. It also introduces some of the initial attraction ((the pilot)) has for Ohta.

For the next day or so, Evaikari burns. Noland and the Lion Empire forces finally discover the secret lab and hiding place of Professor Nomos and discover the almost completed A-NL, which lacks only a Gar Crystal to be completed. Meanwhile, the heroes play a game of hide and seek in the asteroid belt along with other survivors. Eventually, FAP reinforcements arrive to clear out the Lion Empire forces in the field and escort the human ships to freedom. Unfortunately, the Lion Empire's fleet catches up at the end and the people are forced to flee for their lives as the FAP forces are destroyed. Ohta launches in ENIS and fights with an incomplete A-NL, a battle where Ohta is nearly defeated by A-NL runs out of power, plus Wingschneider comes to his rescue midway. They return to White Knight but the ship's knocked off course by a wave motion cannon fired by the Lions.