16-year old Kobayashi Ohta is just starting his first job in the mines of Valkyrie when a massive earthquake hits. He gets separated from his mining crew and stumbles into a fissure. Surviving the fall, he sees the massive, incomplete form of ENIS. Professor Nomos steps out and helps him.

The mining should sound epic enough that people want a series that just focuses on the miners. Somehow.

Act 1Edit

Two years later, Ohta is helping dig out a new mineshaft in a giant mining rig. Shift ends.

Ohta goes off to find the Professor, who's become something of a celebrity in the mines. His alien origins are mostly a secret, but the people of the mining village know because they were there when he first appeared. Nomos has been working with MEME Labs to develop super robots and gain access to their resources. Professor Nomos has just about completed ENIS, all he needs is to power it up and program its user settings.

At the same time, a Lion fleet breaks out of deepspace near Valkyrie. This surprises the humans, because they lack the technological know-how to pinpoint gravity catchments within solar systems so accurately. Sounding the alarm, they assemble their defense forces in orbit around Cloud 3, an orbital elevator terminus.

Act 2Edit

The Lions know that ENIS is on the planet, and devise a strategy to distract the humans while inserting a team containing Im.CML and Noland, along with elite pilots, onto the planet. Meanwhile, Ohta and his mining crew are assigned to search and rescue operations in the city and Nomos activates ENIS. The Lions blast through the defending humans and decide to capitalize on their advantage by attacking the planet directly instead of maintaining orbit.

At this point, ENIS appears and destroys a Lion cruiser. Noland and Im.CML reveal themselves and engage ENIS as Ohta watches from afar. Noland attacks and fights quite well, knocking Nomos unconscious and causing ENIS to stop functioning. Ohta is forced to connect into the pilot interface, but this takes a while to synchronize. Meanwhile, Noland directs the Gray Super, Im.CML, to retrieve ENIS. Ohta takes control and in a hard-fought battle, defeats the Super. Thus ends the first episode.


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