Mecha Information

Unit Name:

ENIS: Exploding Nuclear Ion System


Kobayashi Ohta


Unique Super Robot designed by Professor Nomos


  • 10x Reflect Spinner
  • 2x Spiral Dasher
  • 2x Magna Drill Lance
  • 1x OUGI Shredder System
  • 1x Mugen Ponos

Description Edit

Armor Edit

Explodium-Diamondium Composite Armor:

Weapons and Equipment Edit

HEAT (Heat Emitting Airborne Travel): Hovering/thrusting system generated by drill binders on back.

HI Wings (Heat Irradiation Wings):Fine-tunes thrusting strength into flight capabilities.

EO System (ENIS Operating System): Control hardware and OS of the ENIS.

DOS (Drill Operating System): Sub and backup OS of the ENIS (generally used to regulate the attack capabilities of the ENIS).

SCARF (SuperConducting Anti-Radiation Fiber): The mysterious mantle that is wrapped around the "neck" of the ENIS. Generates great amounts of various energies when DOS is in use. When ENIS uses its more powerful attacks, the scarf glows white hot.

Reflect Spinner

Spiral Dasher

Thunder Drill Kick

MAGNa DrillLance (Multiple-purpose All-range Gigantic NucleAr-powered Drill)


Mugen Ponos Drill (working title): ENIS' crotchpit drill may, when operating at full-spin, extend to theoretically infinite range. This allows ENIS to thrust it into any enemy (or several at once, shish-kabob style) anywhere, as long as the pilot can accurately aim it (either by sight or by the assitance of spotters/satellite imagery).

Zero Divider: The energy is formed from a dimensional breach created by latching the drill binders over the forearms and spinning them in opposite directions at ludicrous velocity, drilling a hole through reality.

History Edit

Homeworld Edit


(Anonymous' Note: For some reason, I can only picture ENIS being Motion Controlled or controlled through a direct link with the pilot's brain. That idea always appealed to me.)

Enis sprite sheet


Shooting drills as missles would pwn

As much as I like drills, I think ENIS should be less drill-centric and more miner-related, like its pilot. How about a huge mining pick for a melee weapon? Or maybe tiny mining pick-shurikens (essentially batarangs)? One of his arms being a different kind of drill-bit would be cool, like a typical electric drill (thin and elongated) or even better, a triple-geared drill bit like this. A water or air circulation system could be improvised for weapon usage, like a water jet stream so thin and powerful it could cut rocks like butter. Stuff like that could open up some serious macguyver shit if the pilot has that capability, so he could replace the water with nearby oil, make a spark with his drill and lay down an impromtu inferno.