Profile Edit

Age - Refuses to answer questions about it

Gender - Female

Species - Salleh Tribe

Planet of Origin - (?)

Relation(s) - Sometimes lover of Professor M(?)

Status - Chief biological weapon scientist for the Lion Empire, creator of D

Affiliation - Lion Empire

The "mother" of all of the Lion Empire's monsters. She was the first to put the concept behind Tuwl-Bacs into actual use, with the WANT-LOTS system. But she based her designs on biological creatures and features, and lost control of the unit. She became an outcast, and was sent to pursue her research in isolation. She was brought back into the military when the Lion Empire began to run itself too thin with its Supers, to bolster their numbers, and participated in the attack on the Moon-Ship. Developed the concept behind Final Sauce after capturing VA-INA test unit. Also developed the concept behind D, and sent Liger to Ohta's homeworld as a test unit. Eventually gets killed in the course of the story.