"Enemy ordinance approaching. The barrage is washing our sensors in radiation; Data estimates a wave of sixty-plus thermonuclear warheads."

"Well, they aren't holding back. Shall I give the intercept command?"

"Hold on. Let's see what they do..."

"Our formation is being broken up! We can't maintain our battle line!"

"Regroup! Form the destroyers being pushed to our left and right into new wings, but have them do it slowly! We don't want to let the humans know we're moving them into flanking position! Status of your sensors?"

"They've been scrubbed clean! We need to move out of the radiation clouds and reacquire locks!"

"Then let's do it! Center wing, charge!"

"We've broken their line! Two-thirds of their fleet is fall back, but the central cluster is charging into us! Discerning several dozen mecha signatures!"

"Missile batteries, lock individual targets."

"Targets locked, Admiral."

"Estimate ten minutes to attack craft range."

"Then let's soften them up a bit. All batteries, fire!"

"Chemical projectiles eh? Hmph. Guns! Strike them all down!"

"Negative negative! All targets intact! The intercepted all our missiles!"

"What!? Impossible! Now intercept system is that good!"

"Gun crews, fire two broadsides then engage at will! All fighter wings, keep those mecha off our ships! Missiles, ignore the cruisers and swarm their mecha formations and destroyers! We're not letting a single one of them through!"

"Admiral! We're being flanked!"

"Main cannons, fire!"

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