Code name: Behemoth

Unit name: CU-n7

Developed and Created by: Unknown Alien race/Sub-faction (for now)

Pilot: Sven Vladi

Classification: Super Robot


  • x2 Mazon Lasers - Fixed onto VAGOs' arms, the Mazon lasers are it's primary weapons when fighting one-on-one with mechs.
  • x2 VAB - Various Attacking Blaster, two are fixed into VAGOs' shoulders and can calculate the energy output and distance needed to shoot down the target, yblike the Mason laser which is a concentrated beam, VAB sends volleys of blasts from it's built-in generators. The output can also be tuned to concentrate energy to be reflected off it's mirrors.
  • x4 Reflector Mirrors - The reflector mirrors attached to VAGOs' shoulders amplify the concentrated beams shot into it by the VAB to send a beam wave powerful enough to destroy a mass of enemies.

VAGOS Variable Attacking Operating System

The new operating system allows the pilot to quickly control the energy output and calculations needed to accurately hit the desired target. The unique addition to this system is to quickly change the tide of battle mentally, the operating system adapts with the pilots mind and the super computer installed lets the pilot 'see' everything on the battlefield. However, the new operating system heaves a huge amount of stress on the pilot mentally and physically therefore only select individuals can wield the VAGOS.

CU-n7 with VAB Reflector Mirrors ready

    • Comment:

Could probably do with a name change. All the previous sexual-innuendo-themed mecha were built by professor Nomos.

Then it will be Behemoth then but the VAGOs system should stay.

History is also taken out due to confusion until the plot for P-ENIS is determined