Mecha Information

Unit Name:



Dietre Ein


Kingdom of Nassau


  • 2x Beam Whips
  • 4x Death-Spinner Beam Arrays
  • 1x Asfret Storm System

Description Edit

The Asfret was designed by Professor M following the absorption of the Kingdom of Nassau into the Lion Empire. Piloted by one of the Kingdom's many princes, Dietre Ein, it is named after a legendary Nassauan hero who once slew a mighty king.

Broadly speaking, Asfret can be divided into two parts. The upper body is a standard humanoid torso, with a unique, jester-like head and large arms that end in energy-whip projectors. The lower body is made up of five disks that form an inverted cone, from which project a number of spikes. By spinning these disks at a high speed, Asfret can cause tremendous amounts of damage to an enemy.

Armor Edit

Explodium-Niobium Composite

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Beam WhipsEdit


ASfret Storm SystemEdit

History Edit

Built by the brilliant Lion scientist

Homeworld Edit

The Kingdom of Nassau

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