Profile Edit

Age - 2 years, 9 months, 24 days

Gender - Female

Species - Gynoid

Planet of Origin - Secret research station

Relation(s) - Love interest of Kobayashi Ohta

Status - Pilot of VA-INA

Affiliation - Lion Empire, defects to Project ENIS

The Story So Far Edit

Ada begins as an ace pilot within the Lion Empire, piloting Surion. She suffers her first defeat at the hands of Ohta, but refuses to give up and returns to fight him. After the second, hard-fought defeat, she is sent back to the lab, and there encounters VA-INA. She awakens the mech because she is compatible with VA-INA's Coldblood-run OS.

Discussion/Ideas/Etc. Edit

What We Have So Far

Ada begins as an ace pilot within the Lion Empire, piloting Surion. She gives the Lions the plans needed to mass produce the ENIS, but eventually comes over to the good side (in fact, ENIS' mass-production may be what makes her change sides, either due to becoming unneccesary or possibly after seeing what the Lions do with the MP-ENIS). She may or may not go back and forth through both sides (though this idea was somewhat panned by anonymous). Falls in love with Ohta.

She pilots the VA-INA, and was chosen because she is compatible with VA-INA's Coldblood-run OS. She clashes with Ohta several times, each time finding out a little more about each other. One certain event really stands out in her character development. They were in the middle of a fight, and a warship above them was shot down in mid-air. Before it falls down on the VA-INA, Ohta steps up and MUGEN PONOS DRILLS it into oblivion, saving her life while throwing away a perfect attack opportunity at the same time. Confused, Ada runs away, and the seeds of good are planted.

When the Mass-Produced ENIS variant is completed, she is found to be redundant and expendable by the ruthless Lion Empire, and is sent to be executed for her failure to defeat ENIS. She escapes, and goes back to join the only team who would accept her, Project ENIS and Ohta. Having found the true power of love and friendship, this leaves her open to the potential of unlocking her ultimate universe-bending attack.

Possibly a Su-Cool later on?


"A girl? On a battlefield?"

"Not a girl... a woman."

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